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Article in Current History

My article, “The pandemic exposes an ailing US governance model,” is published in the November 2020 issue of Current History. Download the article here.

New article: Grand politics and public administration

My article “A neglected subject: Grand politics and public administration” has just been published by the International Journal of Policy Studies.  Download here.

New article: realism in public administration

My article “’Whatever It Takes’: Danger, Necessity, and Realism in American Public Policy,” is now published in Administration and Society.  Access here.

New article: Who should we count as citizens?

My article “Who should we count as citizens? Categorizing people in public administration research” is now forthcoming in Public Administration Review.  There is a two-minute explainer video on YouTube.

New article: How pandemic killed the millennial paradigm

My article “The third and fatal shock: How pandemic killed the millennial paradigm,” is now published in Public Administration Review.

New article: Defending the administrative state

My article “Should we defend the administrative state?” has just been published by Public Administration Review.  A one-minute video summary of the article is available on YouTube.

Published in PAR: “Shaking Hands with Hitler”

My paper “Shaking Hands with Hitler: The Politics-Administration Dichotomy and Engagement with Fascism” is now published in Public Administration Review.  A draft is available on SSRN.  Image right: Site of the 1936 IULA conference: Kroll Opera House, Berlin.

Interview about PPMG article on the aims of public administration

I discussed my recent article in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance with Justin Bullock and Nathan Favreau as part of their new series of Facebook interviews.  Video here.  Link to the article: The Aims of Public Administration: Reviving the Classical View.

Article in PPMG: Reviving the classical approach to PA

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.17.31 PMMy article “The Aims of Public Administration: Reviving the Classical View” has just been published in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.  Free access here.

Paper forthcoming in PPMG

My paper “The aims of public administration: Reviving the classical view” has been accepted for publication in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.  The working version of the paper is available here.  More about PPMG here.