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Why Occupy lost its steam

2014+17_islam_smallThe following comment was published in the May 2-8 2014 issue of The New Statesman, as part of a supplement produced by the Webb Memorial Trust.  Download as PDF.

It’s been three years since the magazine Adbusters sent out the tweet that triggered the Occupy movement: “On Sept. 17, flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street.” By late 2011, many Occupiers were convinced that the new movement would change the world. Some called it “one of the most significant and hopeful events of our lifetimes.” Today, however, optimism about the Occupy movement has faded away. Why did it lose steam so quickly? Read more

WikiLeaks article has most-read status for two years

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.53.59 AMWikiLeaks: The Illusion of Transparency, originally published in March 2012, has now completed two years on the “most-read articles” list for International Review of Administrative SciencesRead the article.

Reorganization study published, twenty years later

CampbellIn 1993, Prime Minister Kim Campbell (right) launched a reorganization exercise that was promoted as “the most significant downsizing and restructuring of government ever undertaken in Canada.”  A federal agency, the Canadian Centre for Management Development, contracted with ten academics to conduct a study of the restructuring.  (I wrote the report that examined the merger of two departments, Public Works and Supply and Services.)  The overall study was completed, prepared for publication — and then shelved.  Nine of the studies have now been posted online by the University of Victoria.  (The tenth study is still unavailable: “There was difficulty in securing the necessary approvals for its release under the current publication guidelines of the Government of Canada.”)  Several of the authors will meet to discuss the project in Ottawa on March 12.  The author of the lead chapter, Peter Aucoin of Dalhousie University, passed away in 2011.  The Canadian Centre for Management Development is now the Canadian School for Public Service.

Bloomberg publishes Fourth of July column

i34ORsAkRicMBloomberg’s Echoes blog has just published a piece on protest and unrest on the Fourth of July.

Prospect publishes column on power of technocracy

ProspectMay2013Prospect Magazine has just posted my commentary Triumph of the Technocrats on its website.  I published a related piece, The rise and fall of the guardians, on ForeignAffairs’ website in 2011.

Bloomberg column on Thatcher and Deng

ThatcherBloomberg’s Echoes blog has published my column on Margaret Thatcher’s legacy.  Also translated into Vietnamese.

New Zealand’s Dominion Post publishes oped on transparency

New Zealand’s Dominion Post has just published my oped, “Transparency is vital in these times.”  The oped is based on my address to the Tenth World Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute in Wellington NZ last week.  Read the article.

Bloomberg article on Harding’s fatal quest for normalcy

I’ve just published an article on Bloomberg’s Echoes blog about Warren Harding’s search for ‘normalcy’ after the election of 1920.  Read the article.

Los Angeles Times publishes oped on US postal service

The Los Angeles Times has published my oped on the troubles of the US Postal Service in the 1840s.  Read the oped.  This piece is drawn from America’s First Great Depression.  Also on History News Network.

Public Administration Review publishes article on Occupy movement

Public Administration Review has just published my article on the Occupy movement online.  It will appear in the September/October print issue of the journal.  This is a review of several books about the movement published earlier in 2012.  The article is open access until December.