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Prospect Magazine publishes article on Occupy

Prospect Magazine has just posted my column on the “anti-politics” of the Occupy movement.  Read the article.

Foreign Policy publishes article on the crisis of neoliberalism

Foreign Policy has just published my article, The Government We Deserve.  “Something is rotten in these United States, and Americans know it. As usual, the focal point of their anger is Washington’s dysfunctional politics and partisan bickering. But the problem isn’t just the decline of civility in the halls of the Capitol. It’s much bigger. Today the country is reaping the foul harvest of policy decisions it has enthusiastically endorsed over the last 30 years.”

Bloomberg publishes article on Occupy movement

Bloomberg’s Echoes blog has just published my short piece, Can Occupy Wall Street Replace the Labor Movement?, in time for International Workers Day.  Photo: Solidarity Day in Washington, September 1981.

Bloomberg post on 75th anniversary of FDR’s ‘dictatorship plan’

FDR cartoonThe Echoes Blog on has just posted my short piece marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of FDR’s proposals to renovate the executive branch and Supreme Court.  Some critics called it the “dictatorship plan.”  I covered some of this history in articles published a few years back.