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Posts from the ‘The End of Protest’ Category

Details on new book, “The End of Protest”

PrintBiblioVault has just posted the details on my forthcoming ebook from Cornell University Press, The End of Protest: How Free Market Capitalism Learned to Control Dissent.

Bloomberg publishes Fourth of July column

i34ORsAkRicMBloomberg’s Echoes blog has just published a piece on protest and unrest on the Fourth of July.

Prospect publishes column on power of technocracy

ProspectMay2013Prospect Magazine has just posted my commentary Triumph of the Technocrats on its website.  I published a related piece, The rise and fall of the guardians, on ForeignAffairs’ website in 2011.

Contract with Cornell UP for book on economic protests

I’ve just signed a contract with Cornell University Press to produce a short book on the governmental response to protests following the economic crisis that began in 2007-2008.  It will be published as a digital edition in the Press’ new Cornell Selects Program.  This is the inaugural title in the program.  The working title is Crowd Control: Containing Protest in the Age of Neoliberalism.

Literal Magazine publishes article on failure of Occupy movement

Literal Magazine has published a Spanish translation of my article on the failure of the Occupy movement.  Read the article.  The article appeared on the Prospect website earlier in the summer.

Public Administration Review publishes article on Occupy movement

Public Administration Review has just published my article on the Occupy movement online.  It will appear in the September/October print issue of the journal.  This is a review of several books about the movement published earlier in 2012.  The article is open access until December.

Prospect Magazine publishes article on Occupy

Prospect Magazine has just posted my column on the “anti-politics” of the Occupy movement.  Read the article.

Bloomberg publishes article on Occupy movement

Bloomberg’s Echoes blog has just published my short piece, Can Occupy Wall Street Replace the Labor Movement?, in time for International Workers Day.  Photo: Solidarity Day in Washington, September 1981.

Boston Review article on Occupy movement

Boston ReviewI just published a new article: Containing Outrage: How Police Power Tames the Occupy Movement, Boston Review, November 2011.  (Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast also picked up on the piece.)