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Keynote for SNU conference

I’ll give a keynote speech at the 2020 SNU-BK21 International Conference hosted by the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, on August 20, 2020.  Program here.

New article: Grand politics and public administration

My article “A neglected subject: Grand politics and public administration” has just been published by the International Journal of Policy Studies.  Download here.

Interview with Colin Talbot on Strategies for Governing

I spoke with Professor Colin Talbot about my book, Strategies for GoverningWatch the conversation.

New article: realism in public administration

My article “’Whatever It Takes’: Danger, Necessity, and Realism in American Public Policy,” is now published in Administration and Society.  Access here.

New article: Who should we count as citizens?

My article “Who should we count as citizens? Categorizing people in public administration research” is now forthcoming in Public Administration Review.  There is a two-minute explainer video on YouTube.

New article: How pandemic killed the millennial paradigm

My article “The third and fatal shock: How pandemic killed the millennial paradigm,” is now published in Public Administration Review.

Talk at University of Victoria on strategies for governing

I’ll participate in a webinar hosted by the University of Victoria’ School of Public Administration on May 7.  Details here.  I will talk about my new book, Strategies for Governing.  The Powerpoint slides for the presentation are here.

Podcast with Academics of PA

I enjoyed speaking with Bruce McDonald and Josie Schafer for the Academics of PA podcast on March 12.  The topics were intellectual history, temporal horizons, and writing books.  Podcast here.

New article: Defending the administrative state

My article “Should we defend the administrative state?” has just been published by Public Administration Review.  A one-minute video summary of the article is available on YouTube.

Presentation for Australian War College

I’ll give a presentation on strategies for governing to the Defense and Strategic Studies Course at the Australian War College on March 12, 2020.  My slides are here.