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Summary of “strategies for governing” in Canadian Public Administration

I’ve just published a short comment in Canadian Public Administration that summarizes the argument in my book Strategies for GoverningOpen access here.

Review of “Strategies for Governing” in Perspectives on Politics

In Perspectives on Politics, Jennifer Selin reviews Strategies for Governing: “Overall, Strategies for Governing has broad implications for research, teaching, and practice in a variety of disciplines and subfields. The books insights provide readers with fresh perspectives on important research questions in public administration, public policy, American politics, international relations, and comparative politics. Perhaps most notably, Roberts encourages us to return to first principles and to address the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of government.”  Review here.

Presentation at Universidad de los Andes

I talked about “strategies for governing” with graduate students at Camargo School of Government at the Universidad de los Andes on September 25.  Here’s a recording of the presentation and conversation.

Column discusses “Strategies for Governing”

In the newspaper Dagbladet Information, Professor Carsten Greve of Copenhagen Business School discusses my book Strategies for Governing.  Link to column.

Discussion of “Can Government Do Anything Right?”

I discussed my book Can Government Do Anything Right? as part of the orientation for the University of Georgia MPA program on August 13-14.  Video here.

Keynote for SNU conference

I’ll give a keynote speech at the 2020 SNU-BK21 International Conference hosted by the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, on August 20, 2020.  Program here.

New article: Grand politics and public administration

My article “A neglected subject: Grand politics and public administration” has just been published by the International Journal of Policy Studies.  Download here.

Interview with Colin Talbot on Strategies for Governing

I spoke with Professor Colin Talbot about my book, Strategies for GoverningWatch the conversation.

New article: realism in public administration

My article “’Whatever It Takes’: Danger, Necessity, and Realism in American Public Policy,” is now published in Administration and Society.  Access here.

New article: Who should we count as citizens?

My article “Who should we count as citizens? Categorizing people in public administration research” is now forthcoming in Public Administration Review.  There is a two-minute explainer video on YouTube.